Thursday, July 3, 2014

YC German Adventures!

Two days ago, the Youth Chorale visited the breathtaking Burg Hohenzollern, a Swabian castle & fortress right after arriving in Germany.  After lunch at the castle, the Singers then returned to the bus and began to head out to Ulm. AYS was greeted in front of the Musikschule in the old town by the Ulmer Spatzen Chor families before taken into their kind and hospitable homes for the evening.

View from the interior of Burg Hohenzollern's courtyard

Incredible Alps!

Yesterday, our Youth Chorale Tour Team we woke up bright and early for a rehearsals followed by pizza for lunch. Giant pizzas for giant post-rehearsal appetites!

The biggest pizza ever!

After lunch YC headed to the Ulmer Münster - home to the largest church tower in the world! While some Singers walked up the ~700 steps to the top, several headed inside for the views of stained glass and and downtime around the central town square.

Then it was time for more rehearsal at the Ulm concert venue, followed by the AYS friendship concert with the Ulmer Spatzen Chor. The Ulm voices were beautiful and pure, singing lots of German pieces and a couple of American selections as well. Dinner was a buffet of traditional food brought by the families of the choir members and was, of course, delicious!

The Singers head to Prague at 8:30am tomorrow by way of a short stop in Munich for lunch explorations.

The spire of the Ulmer Münster

Interior of Ulmer Münster
More from Prague soon!

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