Thursday, July 17, 2014

Riga - Day 4. Downtime, Young Women's Choir Champions Competition then Awards!

After a tight schedule for the first half of our Major Tour, TCC (with the exception of our SSAA Young Women's move-ups) got a day of down time. While the TCC boys spent the morning with Greg and the YC Men's Choir in old town, the TCC girls decided to spend a morning in the hotel pool, cooling off from a somewhat sweaty Riga.

Both of these groups then made their way to the Young Choirs of Equal Voices Champions Competition - featuring the AYS Young Women with a handful of TCC Young Ladies. The rest of TCC made it to the Riga Stradins University early to catch the other competing choirs in this category. WOW - what a special experience to hear the choral traditions of a wide array of countries! We heard a Czech choir, and Chinese Choir and American choir, all in under an hour! It is so special to be on this musical journey :)

The Young Women's Choir was simply breathtaking. It is honestly really hard to describe in a blog post. The TCC Families of the Young Ladies who were selected to join the YC in this performance should be VERY proud. There were many talks of these TCC Singers' focus, enthusiasm and musical expressiveness throughout our choir, and others.

All of our AYS Choirs met up outside the University doors to celebrate, then headed towards the WCG Meal Center for Lunch, then to Old Town for extended shopping, fun and ice cream!

After a fun afternoon in Old Town, we headed to the award ceremony to hear the results for our Young Men's Choir Open Competition, and Scenic Folklore Open Competition. This is the very first year that AYS has participated as competitors in this category, so we had no idea what to expect! We knew that both performances went very well and hoped the judges agreed...

...they did!

The AYS Young Men's Choir received a gold diploma in the Young Male Choirs Open Competition! AND we came in 2nd overall for our category!

Finally, the Scenic Folklore Open Competition results were announced. The AYS Folk Ensemble also received a Gold Diploma, coming in 3rd overall for our category!

The Singers screamed and jumped as Paige and Greg took the stage for their awards. We are so happy to be representing our Families and country so well! It is such a big relief to see all of our hardwork pay off.

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