Thursday, July 17, 2014

Riga - Day 5. Champions Awards and Mezaparks

It's hard to believe it's already day five. Time is going by so fast and today's the day that Youth Chorale, Ginny, Greg,  Colleen and Catherine return back to Atlanta. We will miss our friends and we will remember the times we had with them in this great city of Riga as TCC moves on to Stockholm tomorrow!

The Award Ceremony was a bit early and on the other side of town, but our spirits and energies returned shortly after the names began to be announced. I didn't explain this in the last post, but they list the competing choirs from the lowest to highest scores in each choir category. So for instance, they may start with Barbershop Quartets, Open Competition. Then list the score, level and diploma/medal, then the choir name, followed by conductor name. With over 470 choir competing, these process gets a little tedious (especially at 9AM in the morning!).

BUT it really adds to the tension and excitement of awaiting our names.
Picture Courtesy Eric Flenaugh
The Children's Choir Champions competition was announced earlier in the morning. After wading through tens of names, we jumped in elation to hear ours! ATLANTA YOUNG SINGERS from USA = a SILVER MEDAL in the single most competitive competition in the entire World Choir Games!!

Picture Courtesy Eric Flenaugh
Picture Courtesy Eric Flenaugh

Picture Courtesy Eric Flenaugh
Picture Courtesy Eric Flenaugh
Picture Courtesy Eric Flenaugh
Picture Courtesy Eric Flenaugh
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Pretty much felt like this!

Atlanta Young Singers never before this moment received a medal in the World Choir Games. This medal signifies countless hours of hard work and focus, from our Singers and Families alike. Thank you for supporting your Singer on this amazing journey of spirit and song! These moments they will keep with them for the rest of their lives.

To add to a wonderful morning, Atlanta Young Singers received a GOLD MEDAL in the Young Choirs of Equal Voices Champions Competition - featuring the AYS Young Women with a handful of TCC Young Ladies.

After lunch and some more downtime in Old Town, the Singers headed out to Mezaparks stadium for the Open Air Concert.

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After a bit of rain (which we are lucky to have not experienced so far in the port town of Riga) over 4000 voices joined together in Latvian song, celebrating one of the biggest choral traditions in the world! All 4000 singers were decked in traditional garb and sang songs about the summer solstice celebration, Jani, as well as other celebratory songs of old. What a great end to another great day in Riga!

The Youth Chorale left the concert via bus towards Vilnius to catch a string of flights back home! Tomorrow brings our last day in Riga, then the ferry ride back to Stockholm!


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