Thursday, July 10, 2014

Riga - AYS Competitions Begin

The day has finally come! AYS's full year of hard work has come to a head as the Scenic Folklore and Young Men's Choir took the world's stage.

Our day began with a smorgasbord fit for royalty. Cheese for breakfast? Yes, please! After an early start, the AYS Folk Ensemble gathered for a morning rehearsal before heading out into the city donning their handmade folklore skirts (made by one of our own Singers), with gingham and peasant shirts in toe.

After a quick sound check, the Folk Ensemble headed to lunch to grab a bite before the big performance - the first presentation of Atlanta Young Singers at the much awaited World Choir Games.

While the folk ensemble completed their speedy sound check across town, TCC gathered in the hotel for a rehearsal - preparing for thier Children's Choirs Champions Competition tomorrow. Things are sounding great. We cannot wait to show our stuff to the jury and audience tomorrow afternoon.

The TCC Singers then headed to lunch, then to Riga University to see the Scenic Folklore Performance in the Great Hall. The AYS Folk Team danced and sang thier hearts out, and into many audience members with thier performance of Cherokee Morning Song, Idumea, Shady Grove, Juba and Colinda. This is the first time AYS has competing in a full Sing and Dance setting - we hope the judges enjoyed themselves as much as the Singers did!

The boys then left for thier Young Males Choir competition at the Culture Palace (Ziemelblazma). Appropriately named, the Culture Palace is a 100 year old renovated palace on the outskirts of Riga. The ground

We collectively headed back to the Hotel for another round of Rehearsals topped off with a killer TCC pool party! It was great to get some downtime before heading to dinner, then watching the Young Male's Performance.

AYS arrived in perfect time to cheer on our guys. Just one of three performing choirs, our Young Men Nailed it! They guys looked like they were having so much fun on stage, and thier sound was full and focused. We couldn't help but celebrate on the palace grounds post-performance!

Pictures (including many silly group photos and performance snapshots) will be posted first thing tomorrow, so check back soon.


  1. Thanks so much for the updates and congratulations to all!

  2. 48 hours and two minutes without a post. But who's counting (besides me)??? Guess y'all are just way too busy having fun over there!