Thursday, July 10, 2014

Days to Remember

The Youth Chorale left Prague Saturday morning and headed to the former Terezin concentration camp. It was a somber experience for everyone involved; something that none of the Singers were looking forward to, but needed to be seen and done.

After our day at Terezin, we headed to Dresden where we stayed with home stays. The next morning, a former exchange student who participated in AYS the past season, took the Youth Chorale on a walking tour of his city. 

After a beautiful walk, the Singers had a rehearsal and a joint concert with the BennoSingers Dresden before heading off to Berlin for a flight to Warsaw. Our Singers are super troopers! After lunch and a short nap at the Warsaw Hostel, the Singers rehearsed then took a walking tour of the city, followed by a traditional Polish dinner at a pierogi restaurant. 

The next morning Youth Chorale ate breakfast and hopped on the bus with sack lunches for a long drive to Vilnius. After arriving at the Europa City Hotel, the Singers ate dinner, and took a short walk around the city before getting to bed!

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